Innovation in the Digital Marketing Industry

It’s no revelation to say that business and marketing have been moving online in big ways. But how is new technology affecting the way businesses present themselves online, and especially how they make themselves visible through platforms such as Google? We’ve done some research to find the answers to this and other questions surrounding modern digital marketing strategies.

Premium SEO NZ presents some interesting insights on this point. They are leading the way in developing new high tech strategies to help businesses rank quickly and safely. There design wing is blending state of the art responsive web design techniques with SEO to ensure clients’ sites are up to date and ready to handle upcoming changes in Google as users shift their focus towards browsing and searching through mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future – smart digital marketers are jumping on board and getting ready to change with the times. Check out this video from Premium SEO NZ to learn how it all works.

Ride-on Concrete Polishing Equipment


There have been some impressive advances in concrete polishing technology in recent years. With the advent of ride-on polishing equipment, the process of polishing floors has become much faster and more efficient. Companies who have embraced this new technology have seen big boosts in productivity and relevant boosts in profitability.

Example of a polished floor

Machines like the HTC-1500 make polished concrete a more cost-effective solution than is ever has been in the past. Business like Floorcoat in New Zealand have embraced the new technology and used it to position themselves as the most effective players in this market.

Companies in the concrete polishing industry need to keep their eye on the ball and be ready to jump on any new tech coming around the corner. This is a rapidly developing industry and I’m sure we’re going to continue to see new innovations coming through. Concrete flooring is likely to continue to grow in popularity because of the speed and efficiency with which is can be implemented. As Wikipedia says on the subject, “Retrofit floors can be done in two ways. The existing floor slab can be cut or sanded and the natural aggregate will be the feature or a topping slab with a minimum thickness of 50 mm can be added on top of the existing slab.”