New Technology and Old Plaster

It’s important to be aware of new technology and new trends. At the same time, however, it’s also important to be aware of the fundamentals of business. There are some things that remain important, no matter what year it is. So take, for example, a store in a particular neighborhood. It may have already been there for a long time, so it’s developed a kind of reputation and familiarity with the people who live there, and pass through there. This may not be a case where you will want to do a major upgrade and renovation of the exterior.

If you do that, people might wonder whatever happened to the old place. They might find the new exterior strange in its unfamiliarity, and some of the usual foot traffic might be lost. Instead of a radical transformation, make changes which maintain the important parts, while bringing them forward. So if the outside is plaster, don’t replace it with something metallic. Keep the plaster, but maybe refresh it so it looks nice and neat. Go for something like this: or similar. Again, maintain the strengths while improving them.

Where Tech is Leading HR

One of the things that people will want to keep an eye out for is how technology is going to change how people do their jobs. For example, one of the main concerns some people have relates to the fear that automation will result in fewer jobs, leading to greater unemployment. It looks like that is something that job seekers are going to have to prepare for, because automation isn’t going away anytime soon. Instead, you have the advent of things like driverless cars and delivery drones. They may still seem like the stuff of science fiction, but work on them continues to progress.

You can take a more mundane example. For instance, even something like a Christchurch carpet cleaning service is going to have to consider how technology might change its business. A firm like that can turn to tech to grow its market, such as by using instant messaging or its own iOS or Android app to allow customers to book its services. It’s something to keep in mind.

A Warning – Protect Your Data

Now, normally we like to keep things light and upbeat on this blog – but after a little mishap I had recently I wanted to take a moment to offer a warning. Always, always, always back up your data!

I learned this the hard was when an electric heater in my study caused a small fire – we were able to put it out pretty quickly, thank god, but not before it destroyed my hard drive and my laptop. All my data quite literally went up in smoke in an instant.

So take my advice, folks – back up your info! We are starting to use FastBackup USB software to back up everything and we recommend you do the same.

Had a Great Time in New Plymouth

Recently I went to New Plymouth to attend a conference on awesome technology and robots. I stayed in a lovely New Plymouth motel and ate delicious New Plymouth food – altogether I had a very New Plymouth experience! Except I didn’t meet any locals.

Anyway the conference was very interesting. We saw humanoid-looking-robots fight each other in a boxing ring, and we saw robots playing the piano, and some other stuff. It was very clever. I took a picture of them and put them up on Pinterest.

Focus Groups Go Online

The internet has dynamically changed how things are done. Movies and books are downloaded now on sites like Amazon, while the physical over-the-counter purchases are happening less and less. Marketing and advertising have taken a huge turn towards the internet and a little text ad can go further than a big road-side billboard. Even your local hairdresser has a website.

The same has happened for Market Research. Not only quantitative research can be done by online surveys, but now also qualitative research can be done online too. This is why small boutique firms like e-Focus Groups are so valuable – when research happens online, everything is cheaper and faster. Not only is there no need to book a room and buy your participants lunch, but also participants are proven to be more open when online and not so worried about agreeing with others simply to avoid embarrassment.

Innovation in the Digital Marketing Industry

It’s no revelation to say that business and marketing have been moving online in big ways. But how is new technology affecting the way businesses present themselves online, and especially how they make themselves visible through platforms such as Google? We’ve done some research to find the answers to this and other questions surrounding modern digital marketing strategies.

Premium SEO NZ presents some interesting insights on this point. They are leading the way in developing new high tech strategies to help businesses rank quickly and safely. There design wing is blending state of the art responsive web design techniques with SEO to ensure clients’ sites are up to date and ready to handle upcoming changes in Google as users shift their focus towards browsing and searching through mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future – smart digital marketers are jumping on board and getting ready to change with the times. Check out this video from Premium SEO NZ to learn how it all works.

Ride-on Concrete Polishing Equipment


There have been some impressive advances in concrete polishing technology in recent years. With the advent of ride-on polishing equipment, the process of polishing floors has become much faster and more efficient. Companies who have embraced this new technology have seen big boosts in productivity and relevant boosts in profitability.

Example of a polished floor

Machines like the HTC-1500 make polished concrete a more cost-effective solution than is ever has been in the past. Business like Floorcoat in New Zealand have embraced the new technology and used it to position themselves as the most effective players in this market.

Companies in the concrete polishing industry need to keep their eye on the ball and be ready to jump on any new tech coming around the corner. This is a rapidly developing industry and I’m sure we’re going to continue to see new innovations coming through. Concrete flooring is likely to continue to grow in popularity because of the speed and efficiency with which is can be implemented. As Wikipedia says on the subject, “Retrofit floors can be done in two ways. The existing floor slab can be cut or sanded and the natural aggregate will be the feature or a topping slab with a minimum thickness of 50 mm can be added on top of the existing slab.”